Larry Bear,

Managing Director

Larry has over thirty years of experience acquiring, growing, operating, and divesting middle market companies. He has an operational background. He also managed over 50 transactions. His industry experience includes Agriculture, Food, Business Services, Manufacturing, Health Care, Technology and Consulting.

He started his career in a family business that produced and sold seed corn for farmers to plant. In this agriculture phase of his career he built a grain trading company that sold specialized grain to the Japanese, acquired 4,000 acres of land and sold it a year and a half later, then built a hog ranch that produced more than 6,000 head of hogs a year, farrow to finish.

After selling all the Ag ventures in the early 80’s, he went on to start a long career as a successful intermediary. He represented both buyers and sellers of middle market companies. He began representing buyers in Denver in 1982 and moved to Sell Side representation in 1985. Then in 1987 he Joined the Geneva Group in New York Area (was sold to Smith Barney in 1990’s). After being directly responsible for selling 12 middle market companies in 3 years, he moved on to become independent again. By 1995, Larry primarily represented Private Equity Groups that wanted to buy companies with sales between 30 to 150 million. In another career switch in 2005, he decided to return to his roots as an entrepreneur and investor. He built a business through acquisition and internal growth in the telephone response industry, companies that bridge the gap between answering services and call centers.

Mr. Bear acquired an answer service in Long Island New York in 2007. He modernized the operation, developed a model of remote operators and was beginning to grow the operation, when the opportunity to merge with a billion dollar public company doing a roll up in the industry came along. Mr. Bear is now refocusing on corporate finance opportunities to help middle market firms grow plans both organically and through acquisition.

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