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DealSource Srevices

Acquire a Company
Sell a Company
Raise Capital

How We Help You Acquire a Company, Sell A Company, and Raise Capital

Mergers and Acquisitions


If you’re looking to grow your business, but a public offering isn’t appropriate and internal growth isn’t sufficient to meet your objectives, we can help you realize your goals by identifying and introducing strategic acquisition targets to expand you into new markets.

DealSource Will…

  • Develop merger/acquisition criteria that best represent your needs

  • Analyze existing capital structure and assess the economic impact of the transaction

  • Arrange transaction debt financing and/or equity placement

  • Identify and evaluate targets

  • Structure the transaction

  • We know when the time isn’t right. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to postpone a transaction. Maybe your company’s valuation isn’t as high as it could be. Maybe market conditions just aren’t ideal. Part of our job is to be candid and direct about whether or not it’s wise to proceed. The wisdom of our experience can help you avert a disaster

  • Facilitate due diligence

  • Assist with the transaction negotiation and closing

Growth Capital and Debt Placement


Want to grow your business without acquiring another company? Considering a management buyout? Have a senior shareholder who needs liquidity? Need capital to move into new markets? Need a larger credit facility than your current bank will allow? Let us help you get the additional capital you need.

DealSource will…

  • Evaluate your capital requirements.

  • Propose an appropriate capital structure for your organization.

  • Develop a Confidential Information Memorandum that gets the lender or institutional investor comfortable with the opportunity.

  • Implement strategies that encourage lender / Investor competition for the opportunity.

  • Contact only interested, qualified lenders/investors.

  • Evaluate potential proposals and make recommendations

  • Manage the due diligence process to compile all necessary information and documentation.

  • Facilitate communication between legal and financial advisors.

  • Conduct final negotiations and closing.

Sales and Divestiture Services

Considering the sale or divestiture of a division, or of your entire business? We can help you secure a deal that gives you the highest valuation with the best possible terms.

DealSource will…

  • Help you determine your personal, financial, and strategic goals.

  • Assess the potential market value of your company via financial evaluation and comparable transaction analysis.

  • Coordinate the process with outside legal and financial advisors.

  • Prepare a detailed Confidential Information Memorandum to attract buyers and educate them about your company.

  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy that encourages competition among those interested in your opportunity.

  • Identify and contact qualified prospective strategic and/or financial buyers.

  • Assist in structuring a tax-efficient transaction.

  • Facilitate the due diligence process, gathering all necessary information and documentation.

  • Manage the transaction negotiation and closing.

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Contact DealSource Partners


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